Our Measuring Guidelines are a useful guide on how to best measure your pooch. Feel free to specify your measurements in cm or inches. Consideration should be given to your dog’s strength and size, and we’re always happy to add extra fasteners, free of charge!

9/12/16mm - suitable for tiny breeds, i.e. miniature breeds and puppies

20mm - This is a standard collar width and is suitable for most breeds. The width suits dogs with small to medium necks.

25mm - Suitable for small and fluffy breeds, larger breeds, and breeds with very long necks.

38mm / 50mm - These are our largest widths and suitable for hound collars, i.e. sighthound breeds whose long necks need extra support.

16mm - small to medium breeds

19mm - medium to large breeds


Our product guide will help you select the best collar style, width and buckle style for your pooch.

Roller buckles are the default 16mm buckle, and you may choose between a roller, traditional or quick release buckle for 20mm and 25mm widths.

Your order will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks, although most are processed sooner. All items are individually handcrafted in our London studio, and as such, we cannot provide a specific dispatch date. Rest assured your order will be sent within the specified timeframe.

Tracking For UK Orders
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In the event of a lost package, please note that standard 1st and 2nd class parcels are covered up to £20, plus shipping. Signed For and tracked parcels are fully covered.
Lost Packages
In the unlikely event that you believe your package is lost, we ask you to wait through the duration of Royal Mail's delivery timeframe (3 weeks for UK shipments). If, after this time, your package has not arrived, we are able to ask Royal Mail to enquire with your local Post Office and initiate an investigation.

International Shipping
International shipments may be subject to your country's customs fees. WoofTown is not responsible for any such fees incurred. Tracking information will be sent to you upon dispatch of your order only if purchased at checkout.

We offer tracked and untracked shipping options. On average, we notice that tracked orders arrive more quickly, with an average delivery time of 2-3 weeks. Standard, untracked orders can take up to 8 weeks for delivery, although most arrive within 4 weeks. Please select the appropriate shipping method at checkout.

Returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery. Items must be unused and in their original condition. Repairs are covered under our lifetime guarantee and can be sent in at any time.

Returns & Repairs Process

  1. Complete this form within 14 days of receiving your order. We will contact you via email within 72 hours to proceed with the return.
  2. Package your item in a parcel that is no longer than 300mm and 65mm tall. Items larger than this cannot be accepted by our concierge and will be destroyed.
  3. Enclose a note with your name and order number inside the box.
  4. Mail your parcel to: WOOFTOWN, 86-90 Paul St, London, EC2A 4NE

Is my payment safe?

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How did WoofTown begin?
WoofTown was born out of love for our cocker spaniels during the 2020 pandemic. I found myself with a couple of law degrees I wasn't using, at home making accessories for my dogs. I was after something spaniel-proof that would get me through our long, muddy walks and countless dips in any and every puddle! This soon led to kitting out the dogs in my local park - and WoofTown was born.

Three years later, and tried and tested on the dogs of SW London, every single piece is hand-crafted using only quality materials that we’d trust on our dogs.

What makes you different from your competitors?
Our mission is to provide pet wear you can trust. We stand by quality craftsmanship and quality hardware for mud-loving pooches, and unlike many pet shops, we don't use nickel.

From where do you operate?
All pieces are handcrafted in our SW London studio.

We do not import finished goods from abroad. All items are sustainably produced and British-made using British-made materials.

How do I care for my patterned gear?
Wipe-clean or run under the tap, using your fingers (or an old toothbrush) to gently clean soiled areas.Take care not to abrasively scratch patterned areas. Pat dry.

How scratch-resistant is the pattern?
Patterns are scratch-resistant but not indestructible. Care should be taken to protect the longevity of the collar by avoiding sharp hedges and overgrown bushy areas.

For reference, our spaniels are in the water and mud daily and their patterned collars remain perfectly intact. We take care not to allow them into overgrown, bushy areas with sharp hedges that may damage their gear.

Is my gear waterproof? Will it stand up to occasional rolling in mud and [*insert here*]?
All of our gear is waterproof and wipe-clean. We use a non-porous leather alternative called BioThane, which has been used in the equine industry for decades. It is notably stronger than animal leathers and is renown for its waterproof and wipe-clean properties.