In a nutshell - you design your gear from start to finish!
Use this guide to find a collar style suited to your pooch. Choose from different buckle styles, hardware metals, collar widths and dozens of base colours.

Want to see what you're preferred pattern + base colour will look like?
The 'Design Your Own' feature provides an interactive personalisation process with computer-generated mockups of all of your favourite combos!


Your traditional dog collar.
Available in all widths.
Suitable for all breeds.


Mix & match colours.
Available in all widths.
Suitable for all breeds.


Mix & Match Colours.
A wide 38mm centre strap is tapered down by either 20mm or 25mm straps.

Suitable for larger breeds, as well as smaller breeds with long necks, e.g. Italian Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds.

20/38mm recommended for necks up to 13".

25/38mm recommended for necks 13'+.


Mix & match colours.

A 25mm centre strap is tapered down by 16mm straps.

Suitable for XXS to medium breeds with short necks, e.g. mini dachshunds to Irish setters.


Mix & match colours.

Similar to the Hound and Slim Hound, this collar style is available in 20/38mm and 25/38mm. Refer to the Hound and Slim Hound boxes above for our width recommendations.

  • Traditional Buckle

    Your standard dog collar buckle.

    *Not available in 12mm + 16mm.

  • Roller Buckle

    Ideal for smaller, more delicate necks.

    Includes d-ring for lead attachment, plus an additional metal strap keeper.

    *Available in all widths.

  • Quick Release Buckle

    Quick release collars are made to measure and are not adjustable. Take care when measuring your dog's neck, following our measurement guides here. Available only with steel hardware.
    *Available in 16/20/25mm.

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BioThane® is an exceptionally strong faux leather that is soft to the touch, lightweight, waterproof, wipe-clean and renowned for its durability. It has been the material of choice for over four decades in the horse industry, and it is widely regarded as being stronger than animal leathers.

Hardware You Can Trust

We source quality hardware that we’d trust on our own dogs.

Solid brass and stainless steel are highly rust and corrosion resistant, making them the most durable pet hardware available on the market. We do not use nickel. Our steel and brass options are hygienically safe and do not pose the health risks associated with the spontaneous release of nickel.

The best part? Everything is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.