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Tag Collar


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Measure your dog’s neck, allowing sufficient room to slip one or two fingers between the measuring tape and the dog's neck.

Alternatively, measure the internal circumference of their current collar when it is done up at its usual belt notch. Do not measure their current collar lying flat on a surface - you will not get an accurate neck measurement.

QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES - not adjustable.
These are made to a precise measurement, so please take extra care when measuring your dog’s neck. We recommend measuring the internal circumference of their current collar when it’s done up at its usual belt notch for a precise measurement.


16/25mm - suitable for XS/S/M breeds; very popular for mini dachshunds up to border collies

20/38mm - ideal for S/M breeds with long necks, i.e. whippets and Italian greyhounds

25/38mm - ideal for XL breeds and large sighthound breeds, i.e. lurchers and greyhounds


We're proud to be the only UK shop to offer permanent and fully waterproof hi-resolution designs on BioThane. Our gear is the ultimate in scratch resistance and outdoor durability. Collars can be curved without cracking and UV exposure will not diminish the colours’ vibrancy.

Clean your collar as per general instructions, but take care not to scratch patterned areas. For example, if you scratch animal leather you will notice discolouration — the same principle applies to our faux leather.

Our favourite cleaning technique is running the collar under the tap and using our fingers to gently remove any dirt. Pat dry. If your gear is heavily soiled, gently use a toothbrush to remove hard-to-clean spots!

If your pooch often switches between harnesses and collars, this tag collar will make keeping your dog safe that much easier. Please note that this collar is not intended for a lead attachment. It's intended to hold your pooch's ID tag and to be worn for identification purposes only.

We ask that you send along your dog’s head measurement at its widest point - this is generally the forehead. This measurement is essential in order to ensure the collar will slip over your dog’s head. If your dog’s head is smaller than the neck measurement (i.e. some hound breeds), please send along their neck measurement instead. If your dog has some growing left, keep this in mind when providing measurements.

***Sizing is for pricing purposes and tag collars are not adjustable so please select the appropriate measurement.

Designed By You.

Fully bespoke pet wear that's functional, waterproof and wipe-clean. Stylish pooch incoming!

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  • Quality Hardware

    Brass: 16-25mm solid brass buckles - not plated.
    Stainless steel: Stainless steel fasteners + chrome-plated buckles - no nickel, no way!
    Black/Rose Gold: Plated metals that require extra care. Think of them as fashion pieces!